Friday, March 30, 2007


Monday I went to the gym, which felt good I need to start back up. Its been a while and I'm feeling it. I've had a few excuses but shirking no more.
The last couple of weeks have been really warm, t-shirt weather and it felt like Spring. Never assume.
I spent Monday arvo in my gym clothes, stopped off at Safeway for supplies and pottered around the house with the door wide open enjoying the warmth.
Its been snowing on and off since Tuesday, right now its coming down pretty heavy in big fat flakes. All the plants and flowers which all started to bloom are looking very forlorn and out of place. I've been watching the daffodils from the window slowly disappear under a blanket of white. Maybe they need scarfs and mittens.

Spent the last two days at Second Chance Animal Shelter, helping out in the clinic, watching spays mostly, though today they had to remove a totally oogly eye from a very ugly gremlin chihuahua....Didn't improve its looks but i bet its a lot happier. Also spent a fair bit of time playing with roley poley fuzzballs in puppy skins. A box of 10 were found at a truck stop by a truckie and brought in. Lucky the good people seem to outnumber the scumbags occasionally.

Coz Love. I think the first one is Square root, and I remember seeing the Cosine on a calculator once. As for the others, some geeky shit.

Got my Christmas pressie Yay. Rob ordered tshirts from a great little web comic xkcd. Some of them are great, some are far to geeky for me. The first order went astray so he reordered them.
Few of my favourites
Flying ferret
Science. It Works Bitches
Bored of the Internet

On the drive back from CA, the guys stopped to visit some relatives who own a ranch and rescued and teeny tiny cottontail rabbit from the cats. The kids are looking after it and last night they came over for dinner so we put the little bunbun in with hamsters. No pit fights just and bit of sniffing and ignoring. Not that I wasn't hoping for a death match of anything.....
Very cute.
Awww Bunbun and Hamsters. Interspecies peace.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Rob, Laura, kids and puppy all drove to the family cabin the in Sierra Nevada foothills for a holiday and to catch up with various family members. Mike and I decided to hang the cost and fly out there for 3 days.
Even though there is a airport in Flag, it ended up being easier to drive the 2 hours to Phoenix to fly to Sacramento. We arrived with nanoseconds to spare. Spiriting through the airport, waiting impatiently at security talking about what we will do in Phoenix when we miss the plane, then more spiriting and arrived at the gate as the last people were walking on. Perfect.
At Sacramento we found that for a mere $7 extra a day we could blow off the hatchback and rent a purple Mustang convertible. Sweet.


Drove another 2 hours to the house in the hills, and then everything slows down. Brain, heartbeat, movements, its so peaceful and pretty there that the body settles into a trance like state. Its the perfect time because everything is green and growing, in a month or so it with be all brown and dry, but still loverly. A perfect little creek run by it and lulls you to sleep. Rob's grandparents built the place 40 years ago and is still a favourite getaway for all the family. We spent alot of time there in '99 while Rob wrote part of his thesis, and we had the 2nd wedding party at the pub in town. Its in the middle of gold country and in the 1850's was a bustling, busy place, now the area a big weekend place, like the Blue Mountains, lots of art galleries, cafes, antique stores.
Not too shabby huh?!

Spent the days hiking, reading by the fireplace, sleeping, went down to the delta to visit Granny for lunch. At 92 is still going strong and is a complete sweetheart. The kids swam in the pool, Darwin chased balls and sticks- she is a real dog now- and we caught up with some of the family.
Rob and Granny

Its hard to leave the cabin but Mike and I are strong. This time with left earlier enough to stroll through the airport to our plane. In Phoenix we stopped at Trader Joes and stocked up on all matter of goodies before driving home and back to work the next day.

Work was ok, not super busy but I had a few good chats with people. I was teaching a guy Aussie and he was teaching me Navajo. He was much more successful than I was. Its a great sounding language but I don't think I have the required throat for it. Still good fun though.

Creek feets

Things are going well, settling in, finding my way around and I haven't taken a wrong turn onto the highway to LA with no close exits for like weeks now.
Rob's job still loves him, and I'm making petrol and bagel money.
It still feels a bit like a holiday, and when It starts feeling more real is when it will hit me its long term. I'm very happy here and its feels right and having brief moments of ;( and missing everyone a whole heap is perfectly fine and natural.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Its Spring Break...woo, at least in this part of Arizona. Schools and Uni get a week off, so the town is pretty empty at the moment which it sucky for bar jobs that rely on tips to eat. I just made a yummy chicken omlete with salsa so I'm not wasting away just yet.
Rob, L the kids and Darwin drove the 12 hours to spend a week in the family cabin in California to relax and visit Granny and other rellies. Its so beautiful over there and they are having fun, Darwin is finding many cowpats to roll in and learning how to swim in the creek.
Mike and I are flying out there tomorrow and back on Friday, a quick trip but we are free for those days.
Walnut Canyon, cliff dwellings line the walls.

I have been foot loose and fancy free...On Friday I drove out to Walnut Canyon National Monument which is so close to town. Its excellent, we went there 7 years ago and its still amazing.
The Sinagua (Spanish for 'without water') built walls in the overhanging cliffs for rooms about 800 years ago. You look down the canyon and see more dwellings on the other sides, which look like they drop straight off. I hope the kids were tied on somehow. In early 1900 the explorers and pothunters would dynamite the walls to get more access and light. The Indiana Jones method of archaeology.

One of the rooms, can see the old fire marks.

After soaking up the sun and history, I went and saw 'Zodiac', about the unsolved murders in San Fransico in the '60's and 70's. It focused on the investigation and the obsession of Robert Greysmith a cartoonist for the SF Chronicle. The movie is based on his book. Its very interesting and worth a look. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal isn't too shabby.

Doorway of light.

Worked Saturday and Sunday. Saturday- St Patricks Day is also our 6 year wedding thingy. So I celebrated it with a couple of beers and Thai food. I haven't had Thai for months, and really miss it. Walking in the door and the smell of the place made me go weak at the knees. I polished off a entree and a Green Chicken Curry with rice in no time.

Working this afternoon, then on a plane tomorrow. Have fun y'all


Friday, March 16, 2007


Warm and sunny
thats good
but its cursed, not enough snow
thats bad
but its wonderful walking weather
thats good
but its cursed, bad bush fire season
thats bad
but I can wear t-shirts outside
thats good
but its cursed, the local snow fields are hurting...
thats bad

Sound familiar, just like being in Sydney during dry winters. Its beautiful outside but......

The base of Mt Elden, excellent climbing rocks, caves and trails

The daily walks through the bush right near our place have been great the last week or so. Everything is warm and smells of dust and pine. The dogs love it, smelling everything, chasing squirrels, scrambling up rocks, finding the last patch of snow to eat.

Our daily walk

Everyone while enjoying early Spring is also hoping for a heap more snow. Which would be good, I like the snow and its never the amount to be totally horrible.

They have landed.

Half the family are driving to CA today to spend a week in Volcano, the family property. Due to pesky work I'm stuck here, though are thinking of flying out on Tuesday. Still haven't made up my mind yet. Whose idea was it to get a job anyways?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


, Pharyngula and Mixing Memories have posted about musical preference and what it means about your personality ... What does it mean?...NFI!

Working in the bar I have been asked that question a few times, usually straight after "Did you cry when Steve Irwin died?"
My top ten songs, off the top of my head, but trying not to have 8 Nick Cave songs and 2 Leonard Cohen songs....Its bloody hard. Plus not having our music over here yet, they have fallen out of my brain.

In no order....Its hard enough as it is.

1- The Ship Song- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
2- Bird On A Wire- Leonard Cohen
3- Indifference- Pearl Jam
4- Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod- The Mountain Goats
5- Silver Saddle- 16 Horsepower
6- Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
7- Sanvean- Dead Can Dance
8- One More Cup Of Coffee- Bob Dylan
9- Powderfinger- Cowboy Junkies
10-Temple Of Love- Sisters of Mercy

Though ask me tomorrow and I'll think of different stuff.
According to the thorough skim I did of the article my dimensions are 'Intense and Rebellious', with a dash of 'Reflective and Complex' a spoonful of 'Upbeat and Conventional' and not very 'Energetic and Rhythmic'.
Sounds about right....


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


View of Flagstaff from halfway up mountain behind our place

I'm a working gal now. Got a part time job at a bar downtown, on the wrong side of the tracks but near the uni. I have three shifts so far, Saturday and Sunday 11-6( opening) and 2.30-9.30, they shut at 2am every day. I get $3.75/hour which make me shudder but I made $70 in tips over the weekend.
They aren't the greatest shifts since tips is the big thing here but I'm the new kid so I'll do these for a while and then maybe ask for more busier times. Its very low key, relaxed and have already met a few locals. I'm working my accent for all its got.
Wukoki- My favourite building.

Flagstaff stretches out along Route 66 and the train line, get those huge long cargo trains rumbling through and if you want to cross just as a 100 car train comes through, bring a book.
Downtown is the historic, touristy bit. Lots of old brick buildings with many bars, restaurants, art galleries, "Wild West/Indian Trader/Grand Canyon" shoppes which have stuff ranging from t-shirts to $4000 Navajo rugs. It has a good vibe and has some really good places to hang out.
The rest of Flag, as us locals call it, goes east and west from there. With many motels, malls, parks and suburbs. We live on the edge of Coconino Forest- fabulous for walks, the dogs and we love it- and less than 10 minutes from Downtown.
I've been told here is a fairly liberal (not the Aussie meaning of that word) island surrounded by conservatives. I'm assuming the uni and the tourist pull helps with that, which helps me breathe easier, though there are 5 churches about 2 minutes walk away from here, so its not all
secular but no one has tarred and feathered me yet.

Petrified Forest, amazing colours and textures. Just like the real thing.

I'm also volunteering at Second Chance Center for Animals, where we got Darwin. They were stoked to hear I have Vet Nurse experience and put me in the clinic which is want I wanted. Its been yonks since I did any Vet Nursing and I think they think I know more than I do, but its a great way to brush up on my skills and I'm going to look into what courses are available.
All the cute puppies...must be strong.

Mountain Lion (they think). Finally got to see the real thing, after loving this image for so long.

I haven't taken any new photos, so here are some old ones.


Saturday, March 10, 2007


Puny humans, you dare wake me from my slumber?! you are doomed ahhahahaha!!! all doo... zzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Pirate Raider

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Put on your wooden leg and hook. You'll do just fine!

Link: The Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test written by fluffy71 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Actually got off my butt and achieved a few things this week. As much I'm enjoying sleeping in, playing World of Warcraft and strangely compelling free gem/crystal matching games, trying not to bother Rob too much spending money and walking the dog. The time had come for me to do something, not too much though don't want to hurt myself.

On Monday I got my CV together, put on clean clothes and hit the town. Went into several of the bars in funky Olde Downtown to see if they would like a funny talking stranger. They all said they were fine now as its pretty quite but in a month or so when Spring Break happens and all the uni students leave there should be a few jobs going. Summer is the peak tourist season and that gets uber busy.
That was cool and could wait a month.
On Tuesday Mike calls me and mentions a bar he and his Rugby mates go to where looking for a bartender, so the next day I wander in have a chat, fill out a form and told that if I come in after 2:30 I can speak to the manager. I asked what the hourly rate is, they said probably less than the minimum wage as tips gets factored into the pay. The minimum wage is about $6/hour.....santa vaca!

Snowy Feets

I go in the next day she seems to like me, loves the accent, and I start training on Monday. Part time, day shifts which mean it will be very quiet and tips will be less than forthcoming. I'm thinking it as a volunteer job with petrol money.
You know that hot chick that once said she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10 000, well its kinda like that except about $9997 less.

On Wednesday night I drive out to 2nd Chance Animal Shelter for a volunteer info night.
Its where we got Darwin and is new and doing really well. They are a 'limited intake' facility meaning they can choose which beasties to take in (unlike the city pound who must take all comers) and only ever put animals down due to illness or behaviour/ aggression problems, never for space reasons.
They work very closely with the other shelters and with the Indian Reservations where 80% of the dogs come from, and are very pro active with spaying and education.
I went in for a one on one chat to see what sort of things I could do. Reeling off my paid and unpaid animal and community work seems to impress him and I start the Wednesday in the vet clinic side of things. I have a Vet Nurses Cert. which I got after leaving school and have mostly forgotten it all, but brushing up on my skills and maybe even doing a few courses could lead to other things.
So I'm kinda excited about both of these plans. Money wise not the best but as long as Rob keeps shaking his money maker we can afford for me to bludge a little.

Big eared, cactus chewing hound

Darwin is doing well, mild case of Kennel Cough but a trip to the vet and drugs seems to be fixing that. She loves her walks and its fun to start running with her sprinting ahead then bouncing back. As try as we might she as no interest in catching sticks, balls or frizbees....she had a little play with stick yesterday so there may be help for her yet. Crazy dog.

Spin me right round

The Hamsters still have eyes bigger than brain cells, and are still cute. Except Golum who is a bitch. Nothing helps a restful night than a 3am squealing massacre coming from the other room. She beats up the others...evil creature. I may have to put her in the Death Star and let Darwin play with it , her roll around the floor on her own.

Powering up the Death Star
* Klingon for Hamster