Friday, March 16, 2007


Warm and sunny
thats good
but its cursed, not enough snow
thats bad
but its wonderful walking weather
thats good
but its cursed, bad bush fire season
thats bad
but I can wear t-shirts outside
thats good
but its cursed, the local snow fields are hurting...
thats bad

Sound familiar, just like being in Sydney during dry winters. Its beautiful outside but......

The base of Mt Elden, excellent climbing rocks, caves and trails

The daily walks through the bush right near our place have been great the last week or so. Everything is warm and smells of dust and pine. The dogs love it, smelling everything, chasing squirrels, scrambling up rocks, finding the last patch of snow to eat.

Our daily walk

Everyone while enjoying early Spring is also hoping for a heap more snow. Which would be good, I like the snow and its never the amount to be totally horrible.

They have landed.

Half the family are driving to CA today to spend a week in Volcano, the family property. Due to pesky work I'm stuck here, though are thinking of flying out on Tuesday. Still haven't made up my mind yet. Whose idea was it to get a job anyways?