Saturday, February 24, 2007


It's snowing today so I thought I'd get a couple of action shots. The lighting sucks but I blame winter.
We have had Darwin for a week now and she is settling in just fine. Very friendly and cheeky. She has a jaunty spring in her step and likes being near us. She sleeps under the bed or under my bedside table so if my hand dangles it gets a helpful 3am lick.

Rob's folk's chocolate lab Harley tolerates her, just. Darwin want to play, Harley tries to ignore, occasional words are spoken not that it deflects Darwin for long and she is back boinging around.

It amazing the sheer amount of dog stuff you can buy. There are whole catalogs devoted to dogs and cats. From prams so your dog never has to walk, caskets which look creepy and baby size, bling, pink frilly dresses, heated water bowls and more stuffed squeaky toys than I ever had as a kid. Gone are the days of a slimey tennis balls and sticks from the bush. Now you can get plastic, dental and vet authorised sticks.
I did buy Darwin a squeaky Tarantula which she has a chew on when its not my bras or Ob's undies. Lucky she isn't a chewy dog and its all a bit halfhearted unless its Harley's toys then shes out for blood.

She can now be let off leash when we walk into the bush, which is good and will sit when asked mostly. We will get there, she is smart enough and we are motivated to have a well trained dawg.