Saturday, February 10, 2007


When you decide to get out of the house and stop bothering the working man. Drive across town looking for WallyMart on the pretext of needing new undies. Think you are on the right street but the huge PET BARN sign catches your eye instead. Go inside the barn full of pets and products.
Ohh and Arrr over the dogs, Budgies, Gerbils, Hamsters, Ferrets, Snakes and Poison Arrow Frog complete with 'Do Not Touch' sign. Chat to Pet Barn lady about various beasties and get directions to the supermarket.
Go and buy sensible things like undies, socks, mixing bowls, Maverick 12 gauge shotgun , wine glasses, measuring cups, road map.
Happen to drive past PET BARN just for one more look and come home with these.

Dwarf Hamsters- like normal Hamsters except with beards and Riding Goats.

Rob only sighed and mentioned 'freak' a few times. My justification is if you are going to get cute, fuzzy, useless pets may as well go the whole teeny, tiny, beady eyed hog.

Thinking about it for an hour still is a impulse buy, in my book.
We need names, not that I can really tell them apart and I doubt they will answer but identity is important. Whoever can come up with the best names will get a cheap and cheesy tasteful and well thought out Route 66 pressie, so put those fuzzy thinking caps on.