Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I've been writing this post in my head for a few days now, figured I should actually do something about it.
Its been all fairly mundane, settling in stuff.
News of Aveline dying was just crazy and still sinking in. We missed seeing her by a week when she came to Sydney.
She definatly was a hot pink Mohawk in a land of greys.

Rob mentioned that he felt odd not doing much touristy stuff cause that what it still feels like we are.
We have our spent time, on the computer, getting bank accounts, mobiles, Arizona drivers licenses (passed computer and driving test first go..woot!), bought a car- 2000 Subaru Outback stationwagon, auto and all wheel drive. We wanted a manual but not many around, everyone does AWD, and Outbacks seem the car of choice after the Land Behemoths. It has heated seats!!
We know we have plenty of time to do the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Wupakti etc....
Thinking of driving to California in a week or two to visit folks. See how Rob's contract is going and if I get a job by then...I'm in no rush.

Got my second Spanish lesson tonight...must start practising and do my homework. Its at the local school so we can walk there. Rob and Mike are going to brush up on there vocab and grammar. I thought I was too much of a beginner but the teacher thinks I'll be fine cause he goes back and forth. If it seems beyond me I may also start a real beginners class aswel.

Flagstaff is Sister City to Katoomba/Blue Mtns so they raised the flag at City Hall. There seems to quite a few Aussies in town.
Saturday was Sam's 6th Birthday party which was fun then rolled into heap of folks and their kids turning up for a Aussie Day BBQ. I got the flu aches and pains and by 7pm had to leave cause I was feeling horrible. Total shame cause it was good to meet new people.
A soak in the hottub and 12 hours of sleep put everything just about right again.

Yesterday we went sledding which was a much needed headspace clearer. It hasn't snowed in a week so there were clear patches but the hills were good enough. Heaps of people and many screams, near misses and total wipeouts. It was kinda funny and I don't think anyone lost a bodypart.
I manage to get spun around, going downhill backwards at speed and totally collect some kid at the bottom. He walked away like it was normal.

So we are settling in, hanging out, playing WOW on a rental computer, cause we are geeks and needed our fix. The expansion "The Burning Crusade" seems awesome. Who needs the Grand Canyon when we have Flying Mounts, new shiny Daemons and dragons for pets!?!

Everyone is great here and its fabulous to hang with them. Miss everyone at home but between blogs, WOW and email all is missing is the Chardy, beer and Thai food....