Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The lovely Muley gave me a birthday gift certificate for "A Good Ole Chocolate Wallowing". It sound so good I bought one for Ob- Happy BDay for Thursday my love.

A little shop tucked away in Liechardt owned by a man who knows his chocolate.
You know you have to temper chocolate just like steel, heating and cooling to get the Crystals of Power properly aligned?....mmmm chocolate sword mmmmm. All very nifty.

A Thing of Beauty

We started by making the ganash- The flavours we had to choose from were- Peppermint, Coffee, Orange, Chilli, Brandy, all soooo good.

230ml of kick arse tempered choccy
150ml of cream
several drops of the Essence of Terror Peppermint

all mixed up and regularly tasted.

Then we had to roll it into balls, 16 or so big and the rest small.
Mine turned out slighty less ball like and more like that Klingon delicacy ro'qegh'Iwchab
But I got to lick my hands....ohh yeah.

The larger lumps were rolled into coconut, cocoa, almonds and 100's & 1000's

The smaller ones we passed through

The Enrober
When I'm the Evil Overlord living in my volcano I'm so getting a human sized one of these babies for all my nemesises and Saturday nights.

Vola' almost like a real person made them.

I'm sure I could feel the spirit of Roux in the room with me.