Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I had a ominious message from the Travel Agent the other night, to call her because 'Air China won't allow stop overs in Taipei'. I was thinking increased diplomatic tensions, high powered talkes, big nobs round tables wrangling for the future of my stopover. The reality was much more mudane and far more human. Money of course. The supersaver flight dosen't allow it, why? NFI!
But if I threw $500 more sheckles at our good comrades the problem just disappeared.
They never taught that in Year 12 Maths In Space.

I have tomorrow day and night off. Since my Friday and Saturday nights only exist for the pleasure of others these days I want to do something. I found the Newtown Festival is happening so that sounds like a win. Then maybe a nice dinner in the Rocks, a band or a ferry across the harbour. See how the mood strikes.
I also discovered The Mountain Goats are touring in January. I have become a big fan in the last few months.
The ONE & ONLY pfft date in Sydney is the 6th, which I'll be around for but its the same day as 12th Night which will be our last SCA event here for a while, and there will be Tapas and everything. sigh, double sigh.
I know I'm moving to the country they live in but dammitt.

I found this slighty less crapola countdown clock. What the Carribean and sea shells have to do with a inland town at 7000ft is something you will have to work out for yourselves.

As Amanda noticed I posted this on the 11th November not the 8th. I think my blog needs a Bex and a good lay down.