Monday, November 06, 2006


Rob mentioned that having a 'recent comments' section would be cool for Cunning Plan, which I agreed with. He set up the Blogspot one which looked wrong, so we got the Haloscan one which ForBattle has. Though I must continue tweaking cause I just want the name not the comment to appear. Nothing is easy. Plus we removed all the past comments which makes the place look very sad and lonely. I might put them back in, if I can work out how to.

To more interesting things.
We booked our tickets on Saturday. I was thinking early Jan, ahhaha how naive was I. The earliest we could get was the 15th January with Air China. We have two days in Taipei to check the sights, then LA to Flagstaff on the 17th. It was crazy, there was nothing unless you wanted business class or pay $2700 with Qantas, and thats a for a one way ticket!
For both tickets and insurance it came to about $2800. Which is not bad.

An extra week or so in the sun isn't that terrible.

I spent ages trying to find a cool looking countdown timer thingy. Something maybe with flames or sparkles. Nuthin'. LAMEO. Its a sad dissappointment when the interwed fails to live up to its true potential.