Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I got my passport with my VISA in it yesterday, looks all official and everything. With it was a mysterious envelope thick with documents.

If I was Veronica Mars I would have it steamed open and pawed through by now without anyone being the wiser.

Had a great visit by Mum last week. We got through quite a bit of packing, chatting and hanging out. I worked most of the nights so she had to cook herself dinner and the such but she coped very well ;) Played WOW with her and she sees the appeal in the game hehe.
Having a nerd Parental Unit is very cool.

A few blogs lately have been talking about new books they have bought at markets and stalls.
This is the opposite. A total purge of about 95% of our books. The house is a bit echoy.
Most of our books consisted of Sci-fi, Fanasty, Thillers, and various reference books from "What Dog is That?" to "History of Lots of Stuff and That..."

Our backroom bookcase before the purge.

Mum took most of the Sci-fi stuff to read, and sell at markets if she can bear to part with them.
Kate who also visited on the weekend took kids and reference books - some of which where hers to begin with- and a few left over novels.
We have kept a few books that I think we will ship over. Prattchet's, Bryson's, Banks, Lonely Planets but not that many.
Just means when we get to the States we can start

And after. The three in the lounge room look much the same.