Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How long does it take a Pathology Lab to do a Dipthera and Tentanus antibody test?
A long freakin' time, even longer when they need to be rung up three times to get them to fax the results through.
Santa Vaca, lucky it wasn't life or death....

Got my medical results back..finally. I'm surprisingly normal, Normal...
No apparent defect, disease, or disability
HIV and Syphillis free, sufficent antibody response and normal full blood count.
Its all here in black and white.

That was the final paperwork I was waiting for, so today I sent in my "Application of Readiness" to the US Consulate. They will get back to me with a interview date, where I will be assessed worthy or not.

My new beer monkey job is going well. I'm not working full time which despite the pay decrease is rather nice. No early starts, a few late nights, no stress.
Also it will give me more time to pack all our shit up. Just to make life that little bit more interesting we got a letter from the landlord saying to move out by end of October. Can you say " &%$#%& unbelievably bad timing" cause I have been for days. I have the plan to just squat, keep packing and by the time they send the Sherriff around we will ready to move in December.
Moving twice in as many months makes baby Jeezbus cry.

I started packing today...good gawd where to start? Must get ruthless with books and everything else. St Vincents won't know what hit them. Today I chucked/recycled birthday cards, crap photos, love letters, bank statements from '96, lots and lots of study notes dating back to the early '90s. Ugghhhh.
Some stuff I can't throw out and am happy to box them back up for another 6 years. Things like good photos, some cards, school reports...I can only purge so much.

Seriously if anyone wants books- thriller/sci-fi/history/biology, National Geographics from the 60's onwards, Japanese language texts, etc....please let me know.