Friday, July 28, 2006


or at least a MP3 player.
This week at my gym they had 'Members Appriciation Week' with various goings on. I usually go at least 3 times a week but was slack. I did have a job interview Monday evening but had no such excuse for Tuesday or Wednesday.
I was good and went last night, did 30 minutes on the bike then my weights, I cranked the weights up abit and was half way through when Dom the fitness dude convinced me to try and beat the 2000m rowing time, for a chance of loot. I was a bit tired and figured i didn't have much chance but what the hey.
I haven't been on a rowing machine for yonks and was getting technique tips as I went.
The time to beat was 9 minutes 2 seconds.
My time was 9 minutes 11 seconds, which in sporting terms is about 46739357 minutes too long, but i was happy I was kinda close.
He suggested i could come back today and try again, he got a wobbly legged wheeze as a reply.