Friday, July 14, 2006


YeeHaa good buddies.
Rob has finally finished his US taxes, all 88 pages of them as described over at ForBattle.
If i'd known it was going to be so horrible I've would have just waded the Rio Grande from Mexico and hope the Minutemen didn't shoot me.
Rob went into the US Consulate on Thursday with various bit of paper, photos and cash and was approved to be my sponsor. WOOT!
For my medical, there is only two doctors in Sydney that can perform it. I run up one thinking it make take a while to get an appointment, but things must be slow on the immigration front (why anyone wants to leave Australia is beyond me? ohh..) cause I'm booked in on Monday.
Since i have no record of my 30+ year old vaccinations- who does?- I need a Antibody test for mumps, measles, rubella, tentus and diptera. Also HIV and Syphillis.
I don't know about you but Syphillis conjours up images of 18thC insane poets hepped up on Laudanum, but maybe thats just me.
I was told that this test will cost $107, but may be able to get it cheaper elsewhere. I rang up my GP, and thier Pathologist bulkbills so its is good.
The medical will cost at least $200, so saving $100 means more beer.
I also need a criminal record check -$170- which involves fingerprinting at a Police Station. I've been twice now but since they some perp in custody, they can't do it in the same room for safety reasons. I'm thinking of starting a bar fight, least i'll get in there and get my fingerprints done and have something to show on my record.
I'll try again tomorrow, hopefully all the drunks have dried out and been kicked out.