Friday, June 23, 2006

I left work today thinking "Maybe i don't want to leave this soul destroying, shiteful job" thats how much of a good mood I was in, and of those who know my feelings about work recently will gasp in utter disbelief. Its ok, the feeling has past and i'm back on track.
Work has gone to Hell In A Handbasket and I'm over it and its totally over me.
So in mutual disgust its adieu adieu.
I'm being very sensible and not just leaving and living on my savings and Rob's good graces till I find something else, but its a great fanasty and ohhh sooo very tempting.
Today i had a loverly lunch with two mates, i shall call them Mark and Dave, because that is thier name. They work with bugs, older than me and are both a hoot. I was chatting with Mark in the lab just before I left for the day, trying to talk him into writing me into his movie script as Alien Queen. I'm slowly convincing him, just because its about urban Australia there is no reason why it shouldn't have aliens in it. Dave comes in and says "Yay, Coz's here, we love it when you are here"...awwww. Much sillyness and laughs.
Another reason work is evil is I was being cross trained in the bug lab and really enjoying it, but that been crushed and thrown out of the airlock and i'm betting it won't be let back in.
You know that feeling after you have had a damn good laugh (or cry even), you feel all light and fluffy and unburdened well that what I was like. A great end to the week.
Even better was my phone rang as i got into the car and it was to give me a job interview next week, so thats cool. Its on the other side of town, which is a pain but at this point a interview is a interview.
I'm seriously considering getting my RCG- Responsible Conduct of Gambling and working in a pub, i have my RSA- Responsible Service of Alcohol already. I've proved my worth as tavern wench, would just have to rememeber not to drink myself stupid while serving patrons and DHT dosen't apply.