Friday, June 16, 2006

DARWIN- The Other Parte
Since we had only three short days in the sun, we were determined to make the most of it and tourist it up.
Spent a afternoon on the Adelaide River, having huge fangy things jump for us. The fact that these critters can lift most of their body out of the water is awesome if not a bit freaky and damned unfair, when you think about it.

Armour Plate- check
No Natural Predators- check
Stay Underwater for 2 Hours- check
Lighting Fast Reflexes- check
Run On Land- check
Jump Out of Water- check

If these buggers ever get opposable thumbs we are fucked.

The Sunday morning we went to the Northern Territory Wildlife Park, which is pretty impressive, and i want to run away and work there. Loverly 6 km walk around the whole thing or you can catch a regular bus to each sections. Watched the Bird of Prey show, which never fails to excite and impress.
The Wedge Tail Eagle has a injured wing so could never survie on his own. One day he flew off and was gone for days despite frantic searching, and was later found walking up the road to come home. Sooo cool.
Love between a man and his killing machine is a beautiful thing.

Rufous Owl or Farscape character?

Then the reason we went up. Stephan and Marianne's wedding. It was beautiful and fun.
Stephan introduced me to Rob so the last 11 years (11 years omg) is his fault. Everyone was in fine spirits and only downer was having to go straight to the airport for a 1am flight home.

Happy Day with Rob and Snerg doing their best bodyguard impressions.

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