Monday, May 01, 2006

I found a home for my Gravatar.
I love the White Horse of Uffington, as some of you may have guessed by now. I have beautiful silver earrings which was a present form Rob, and a Tshirt i ordered from Old Blighty.
This rendition i bought at Rowany from the very clever Melbournite Roy C -something...(i've forgotten his name...anyone?!)
Not that the dear Ms Ducky standing next to me going "Ohh its your gravatar, and its shiny, you must have it.." swayed me at all.
I figured than have it gathering dust somewhere i put it on the collar of my most favourite leather coat, which i bought at Portabello Markets, London and everyone is insanely jealous of.
I highly honed fashion skills are not sure if its horribly daggy or not.

I also bought this piece off Roy and few years ago, and its on my wool coat. Its a reproduction of a Viking brooch found in Gotland, Sweden. Despite the whole looting and pilliaging thing they had going on, the Vikings sure had a beautiful sense of style and aesthetics.

The Maritime Museum in Sydney has a Viking exhibition on now and it finishes in June. They have some excellent stuff, and a friend Peter from Birka Traders made the clothes, shoes and other odds and ends for the show. Go see it if you can.
They have two Lewis Chessmen on display. The Berseker, i just want to take home and feed him tea and scones.