Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I know you of old

Last Saturday morning falling back asleep after my Dad rang at 7am "Oh sorry i forgot you people don't get up early"...yeah right.
There was a knock at the door, now we don't get many drop in visitors, usually someone rings up first wanting to use the BBQ, drink the wine, kick the ferret.
I woke up with a start, called out but no answer. Ob the lazy antisocial bum just lay there while i fumbled around for my glasses, flailed around to find clothes to cover my nekkedness and fought to gain some human.
I open the door blinking and running my hands through the serious, terminal case of bedhead and ....ahh crap.
Two well dressed men stood there clutching booklets....crap....introduced themselves and wondered if i would like some GodBotheringPropaganda or as they called it 'The Watchtower' aarrrggghhhhhh
I very politely declined (you would have been sooo proud) and the main guy said
"ohh you have spoken to us before then?"
Just the way he said it, like he knew he would be rejected out of hand and success was never, ever going to happen.
I don't know who was more disturbed, me when i realised what they were, or them seeing me looking like something the deamonspawn cat dragged in.
Which brings me to the old age question that has gone though many blurry eyed half awake brains before me.
Has there ever, in the history of the multiverse, since baby jeezbus was a stromalite, has anyone ever, fallen to thier knees, renounced thier wicked ways and begged to join the ranks of gullible, earnest, annoying people?
If i wasn't gearing up to spend my Easter, camping, eating, drinking, and shooting people in the head with a crossbow, i may have been compelled to find out.
thank god for small mercies