Thursday, February 23, 2006

Out Of The Mouths of Babes

This has me in tears. Totally made my day, nay, my year.
Fuschia sent me this and i have permission to publish (but don't tell SnowPea).
She will be 8 in a few days....

I took the children to the doctor yesterday. It was actually only for Sophie, but of course Hal was there too. As I was discussing with the doctor the timing of antibiotic eyedrops for Sophie's red eyes and the children were looking at one of those horrid 3D body map pictures, the little princess in question came up to me to tell me something. Not now, was my patient response. Disappointed she went away. After we had left the doctors and were walking down to the chemist (I mean, when do you ever leave the doctors without a prescription for antibiotics.Like, der, NEVER!) I asked Sophie what she had wanted.
Looking up at me, innocent face all full of shiny happiness, she told me "I know what I am going to call my next World of Warcraft character - Rectal Polyp!"

When the kids visit, we put them on a random WOW server and let them have at it. 10 characters all under level 5, but they love it. GodMother....hell no. I think thier GeekMother education is much, much more important.

I put this up at ForBattle, but it makes me laugh so much i need it here as well.