Wednesday, February 08, 2006


In lieu of anything interesting to say, i'm declaring this Eye Candy Day, for no other reason than having a perv.

In the mid-late 80's in my formative teenage years instead of reading "Flowers in the Attic", listening to The Bangles and Prince and drooling over "The Outsiders" crew. I was reading Ray Bradbury, listening to Leonard Cohen and Pink Floyd and drooling over men old enough to be my grandfather. (not that there is anything wrong with that).
Being a huge tomboy, i was more interested in riding horses than boys. I never got into boys.

James Baby You were the first man i ever saw and thought "he is cute". It was by watching you flail around in "Magic Town" that a whole wierd, confusing world slowly opened up to this young petal.

James Mason, ahh your voice, your brooding, your lips...that voice. If the parental units only knew what affect your voice had on impressionable young gals, they would have us shipped off to the country, (well further out country anyway) with no tv or ears or eyes or hormonal system.

Ahh Cary, i remember when you left us, the rumours and speculation about you being gay. Even then i thought "So, who cares? you are beautiful"

Humphrey, my dear Humphrey. I had your poster on my wall for many years and learnt to whistle specially like. You were too cool for this mortal plane, but really ya could have cut back on the ciggies so we could have a few more flicks.... *sob* bastard.