Thursday, December 22, 2005


Aww yeah aswell as family, friends, booze, goodwill to the undeserving blah blah yada yada stuff n that n fish in the sea. But really all we really care about is the presents and lots of them. I’m very lucky to have an awesome family who are also fixated on the booty side of things.

Despite the odd bitch and moan over shopping, I do like this time of year. I’m not a natural born shopper so I get over it quickly. But I am a natural born killer when I hear Christmas carols in stores…agghhh. I used to work in Big W, mostly as a night stalker filler, but during Tech holidays I would work days. Talking to customers, putting shoes back on the racks because people are bastards and can’t clean up after themselves and Christmas carols – Urge To Kill Rising.

Apart from that I lurve it.

I love the Australian summer christmas, the heat, the lolling about, the water fights, ( no water restrictions in Bathurst) the lolling about, getting the kids to bring me another beer from the fridge, the lolling about. The presents, lets not forget the presents… We always had the ritual of not being able to open any presents until everyone was breakfasted and dressed. There were 3 sisters so we all took turns taking a present, passing it on to the next one, she would read who it was to and from then the third one would pass it to the recipient who would open it before the next one was chosen. Almost clockwork like. I’m sure we were impatient when we were little from waiting for the folks to have their 15th morning coffee, change the slippers, finish the last couple of chapters of “War and Peace”, have their 16th morning coffee before we could open anything. Lucky we had pillowcases stockings to tide us over durning the Battle of Borodino. When we were living in the Lake Macquarie area we would meet up with the multitudes of aunts, uncles and cousins at Speers Point Park for lunch and a swim we were always late. Everyone else would have gotten up and opened everything by 8am, we were still going by noon.

The two kiddlings in the family are helping to keep the tradition alive and kicking and its the way we do Christmas when we are together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Spent one year in California with Robs family at the country retreat at Volcano. Great fun but it was cold and even snowed abit…not like real Christmas. We spent a fair bit of time in Volcano while Rob was finishing his thesis, I spent a lot of time lolling about. It was June, hot and I could not shake the feeling that Christmas was just round the corner. Just from the heat and lolling, it was a very strong trigger. Didn’t get any pressies though.

So merry christmas and all that. Have fun and may your booty over runneth.