Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Ratbags is a site i regularly visit, it is full of interesting, scary and sometimes funny things. Peter who runs the site is also VP of the Australian Skeptics and a all round good guy.
He has announced the 2005 Millenium Awards on Ratbags, he gives out to the uber frootloops of the year.
Its worth checking out, i wont spoil it as there are several catagories and i don't want to copy and paste out of context.
Also read his hate mail, my god! Extra frothing at the mouth with your Latte anyone?
I've had my one and only request to die horribly by a anti vaccination person. I'm abit too much of a chicken to go back for more. Better people than i try to reason and discuss so i'm watching from the sidelines mostly.
This was back in late 2004, when i started reading and getting more interested in "skeptical" things. Great sites out there including Randi, Quackwatch and Skepdic.
I joined a Vaccination Yahoo Group, i heard it was anti vacc, and was curious about what they talk about. I wasn't planning on posting as i knew it would be a fraught task, and wasn't up on all the facts to argue. Well, i should have kept my mouth shut.
Just after i joined Alan Yurko was released from prision. There is alot of info on him, but the upshot was he was convicted of shaking a baby to death, he became the anti vaccs poster boy, as they were blaming it on vaccines. I think there were problems with the autopsy and such so he got out, to much rejoicing. He was wanted by another state for robbery and assult on a police officer before he cut out into Florida, so his free time was probably limited. Thats all i mentioned, never even said "vaccine". Got a total of four posts in, the first one below, then three about having a adult discussion, before i was banished.

Isn't there a good chance he will be back in prison or at least facing charges for parole violations and four counts of aggravated burglary in Ohio. Didn't he break his parole in Ohio and run to Florida, where he went to jail for aggravated assault of a police office and the death of the baby.Now he is out i imagine the Ohio authories will be interested in him.Sounds like a very violent man.

Get this "skeptic" off of the list! Are you there Sherri?I think this person, daryarose, is a spy for the so-called skeptics.We don't need them spouting their hate-filled bull here. If Sherri is still around,can this person please be unsubscribed from this list?Below is the email that head ratbag, Peter Bowditch (may he rot in hell forever) wrote:This is what I wrote to the Ohio Dept of Corrections:***Peter's letter and and response to the Ohio DRC***
As anyone with any brains knows, Alan is as far from violent asone human being can be. These people ought to spend life in prison plus ten without parole for not only supporting but insisting on the mass poisoning of children and adults. Of course, they could get out for time served if they agree to receiving the same vaccines in the same dosages and the same order as children get.
All the best,Meryl***

So that will be a NO to the the adult discussion then.

I find it hard to get my head around this type of response and its definatley not just the anti vaccine peeps. They counter crititcal thought and arguement with threats and RAnDOm CAPlOcks. Its a response i would expect in a rabid religious believer. Its a belief system not a science. They try and use science to back themselves up and the best they can come with is banishing any dissenting voice. Thats not rational.
I can understand why some people call skeptics "cynical, close minded..etc" its because they have heard all the crap before and could write the responses themselves, and having someone tell you that they hope your family all die painfully of cancer has got to piss you off. The fact some of these freaks and charletans are exposed time and time again, but still bounce back is tiring and sad. Yet they still fight the good fight, and all the ones i know are loverly.

I used to love reading (as did many people) all those "Unexplained Mysterys of the World" type books as a kid. ESP, Bigfoot, Aliens, Crystal skulls, lost worlds fascinated me. It would be awesome if even a inkling of these were real but reality, crititcal thinking and logic has to kick in at some point. But that dosen't mean we can't find wonder and beauty in the world, it doesn't take from it, but i think enhances it.