Saturday, December 31, 2005


I hope everyone had a jolly, stress free christmas. I did, once again it was a complete hoot. After strictly following my Xmas diet of ham, chocolate and booze, i'm feeling in tip top shape and ready to face the New Year. Forget all that CSIRO Wellbeing, Low GI, Atkins diet guff, stick with me kids and you will be amazed at the results.

Since its all about the loot, lets check a few out....

Attention: Down to the serious business of the day

Mother never needs to leave the house again but can still tell what day it is.

Seasons 1-8 Stargate 60 odd discs, Star Trek calendar and "The Gifts" Ursula Le Guin

What to get the sister who is studying Eyptology and has an unnatural affection for small mutant dogs?

Sphinx Winkle, no! i don't know either...

Nephew H setting off to raid Lindisfarne

Lego viking ship, with Fenris , Dragon and Sea Serpent...

Niece S budding genetic engineer, who i'm relying on to clone me in a few years, or at least build me a new liver

Microscope set, not pink

After creating Unholy Armies of the Night in the lab, there is always time to chill with friends in da pad

Party set for crazy disco dolls, pink

See, i told you it was all about the loot...

Even Echidna had nothing to complain about...

The only sad bit was our cute fuzzy died morning of the 27th, Guinness the ferret. He was sick so it wasn't a surprise and i'm glad we brought him along. While watching the hole being dug H said "He needs a coin to pay the ferryman" and came back with a 20 cent piece. Staunch athesist that i am I still totally cried.