Sunday, February 12, 2006


Went and saw "Walk the Line" last night with Amanda and Ob. Simply put i really, really liked it. There are heaps of great reveiws out there and i can't say much more than whats been said.
Except that Joaquin Phoenix's eyes should come with a public warning before being let loose on the world, smokin'.

This SMH article today i thought was abit odd. Its like they needed a bag out piece for balance or something.

All hail Johnny Cash! With Walk the Line tipped for several Oscars, do we have any choice? So, let it be shouted from the rooftops: any day soon, you would be best advised to forget about Elvis, Hendrix, Cobain and Lennon, and start pretending that you've always been a great fan of the most famous fella ever to have come out of Kingsland, Arkansas.

I thinks this is a bit harsh and i'm not sure what point he is trying to make. You don't have to be a fan or pretend to be a fan to enjoy a good story. I've never seen a Bruce Lee flick but really enjoyed the Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story. Apart from trying to jump backwards into trees i don't have that much interest in martial arts movies but the man was talented and interesting. When "Ray" came out, did we all forget Brittney?

I do agree with him about Christmas albums though, should be banned and burnt.

Anyway, who cares what other people think, if it brings back fond memories for some people who haven't listened to Cash for years or begins a interest for a new generation then its done well.
I'm not in the league of fandom as FlopEaredMule but i can still make her glare when i mention i saw Johnny Cash on stage...

Ha, in yer face Space Coyote.
In the late '80's sometime i caught the bus to Syndey with Dad to see the Highwayman tour. I remember being very impressed that four totally ancient men could play for over 2 hours solid and not die. T'was very cool.