Thursday, March 09, 2006


Last weekend's paper had a article about bands who use or don't use thier music to sell stuff. Which frankly i don't have a problem with if they do. Its theirs and none of my beeswax what they do with it.
There was a couple of quotes by Nick Cave on declining various offers to use his songs.
This really moved me....(big sook)

" I get letters from people telling me they got married to 'The Ship Song', or that they buried their best friend to 'Into My Arms', and I don't want them to look at the TV and see that they buried thier friend to a Cornetto ad or something"

Just when i thought the man could not get any cooler, he ups the anti.

Which got me thinking about music at funerals. Now would it be better to play some Brittney or Boys to Men, rather than beautiful ones, so when that song is heard again it doesn't get associated with that time and sadness?
I don't know really, but if it was up to me to plan mine, i say bugger the whole funeral palour guff and head straight to the wake. Have a glass or two.

('Sanvean' by Dead Can Dance....not that i'm hinting or anything)