Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Well the US side knows of our plans to move to the Land Of The Free, and they are just a tad excited.
We were holding off mentioning it to Rob's family as his Mum would probably have a house, job, dental and holiday plans organised for us in a flash, and if we didn't end up going then....tears before bedtime.
She is trying to organise a family reunion later in the year and possibly a Grand Canyon river trip, which sounds awesome and i'll be there in a sec if i could. I said to Rob we either need to knock on the head the whole idea of us coming over in August with some excuse or other, or tell them why it may not be possible.
It makes no sense to fly over for a few weeks then move there a few months later.
Soooo now they know. Not sure if she has a house for us yet but they will try and move the family do later on.

Rob has been valiently doing his US taxs, which are a total bitch. Well they look horrible and thats just from me looking over his shoulder, kissing his fevered brow then going back to playing WOW.... What! theres only so much i can do.
Once they are done, then the actual process can begin.
I took the tome the consulate send me and photocopied spares of the forms. I just know i will spell my name wrong or tick Yes to 'Are you, or have you ever been a Nazi, terrorist, drug pedaling whore?' i just will.

After filling out I-130, DS-230 parts 1 &2,DS-2001, I-864A, interviews, medical, police report....blah, blah, blah i better get a card with 'Alien Resident' on it or i'm coming back home.