Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Having a RDO yesterday (best invention since sick days and holidays) i wandered up to Rookwood Cemetery. Its so close and i've always meant to go.
I found the oldest section and wandered, just me and the crows.

Not believing in a afterlife, part of me thinks the whole graveyard thing is a waste of good land but there is a certain feeling i get from reading tombs, wondering who they were and how they died. Alot of the area is overgrown, and half hidden, which makes it seem otherworldly and mysterious. There is a real sense of history there, and it would let people connect to their past.
If i had people there i would definatly visit and say Hi.

Its also a great place to photograph. I don't rate myself as a great photographer, but i have taken some good photos over the years. I think with a good subject you can't go very wrong.

One of the things that always strikes me looking at old places is the number of childern and young people who are there. Alot of people did live to 70+ but a whole lot died very young.
Nothing is sadder than seeing a tomb of multiple children and their parents, who either died young themselves or lived till 90.

I think that anyone who rails against modern technology, favours alternate medicine and/or is anti vacc, should be made to spend some time there. Then as a counterpoint visit the newer sections. There will be young people there of course but nothing like what you will see before the mid 1900's.

It is a beautiful place, maybe a wierd thing to say about a cemetery, but its true. No one is more peaceful than the dead.