Friday, March 17, 2006


Or possibly Silverware.
Today is our 5th year of being hitched-a-roonied. YAY for us.
5 years of sinnin', 5 years of paying our dues to a religious, patriarchal ideal. Woot!
But seriously folks, its all very, very good, and i have no complaints.
(Ob - if you have complaints start yer own blog)

The whole traditional presents thing is very odd, and we have no truck with it.
6 - candy and/or iron...what?? yeah her name's Candy dear, so its ok..
7 -
Wool/copper or desk sets....better than a iron i suppose
14 - Ivory or gold 14 years i will need my love to be proved by big game hunting and big game hunting only, gold does not go with my eyes.

Instead we are meeting up at a brew pub in the city then off to dinner at Yipiyiyo in Darlinghurst. Have been there before and its scrummy.

Shiny Happy People
I really like this photo. Loverly one of my Mum, okish one of me, though it would not have killed me to to open my eyes, and a totally HOT one of Rob....