Thursday, March 30, 2006


Dragonfly P0rn

I took this picture yesterday at Maldon Weir on the Nepean River. If you ignored the weeds it was very pretty. We were on a baby bug hunt and came across many adults doing the deed, so we had to watch and watch aaand watch for quite some time...all in the name of science i'll have you know.
They fly around like this aswell, and I thought Dadhyayataka was impressive.

As a Odonata pervert expert explains-

All insect males have their genital opening for sperm at the ninth abdominal segment. Dragonflies/damselflies males have (beside the first genitalia) their secondary genitalia, which is the accessory organ on the second abdominal. Sperm is moved from the first genitalia into the secondary genitalia just before copulation.
Dragonflies usually start copulation in flight, the male swing up the female. The female then curls her abdomen forwards to contact with the secondary genitalia in order to receive sperm. The male and female form the heart shape wheel and it is known as Wheel Position. Most dragonflies start copulation in flight, some may continue in flight and some may settle. Settle copulation usually last longer, from minutes to hours. Air copulation may last only a few seconds.
For some species, it is found that before transferring his sperm, the male will remove the existing sperm from the female genitalia which is from earlier mate, then replace it with his own.
But it wasn't all about bug sex

Ok this one is bug sex aswell....

Look no bug sex...pretty

Ohh a rock that looks like a Dragon's does ok...look closely.

and i got paid for this...WOOT!