Monday, April 03, 2006


On Saturday, Fuschia, Amanda and I chipped in to give Bigglesworth Mother a chopper flight, for her birthday, so she could relive those heady Nam days. Sadly it was not equipped with her favourite piece, a M60 7.62mm machine gun, not even a XM157 rocket launcher to show us how its done.
She sighed, climbed in the bird, muttering how ever were her daughters going to learn about Zippo missions and Arc Light Operations without a decent grenade launcher.

All systems go...

Recon was going well. Capertee/Lithgow area was clear.

Enemy were sighted, prepare wait...its just the family waiting to go to Capertee pub for lunch.

A safe landing, a safe world.

SnowPea practising for the next mission...

Big Thanks to Uncle Tom for suggesting it and volunteering himself to go along.
Next time, my turn.