Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday i acted as roadblock for the local ANZAC Day March and Ceremony. The SES does this every year, and since its held on my street i have no excuse not to assist. The bagpipe and drum band starts practising fairly early on the street outside, so its my cue to get up and find my oranges.

This year i was close to the action and could hear everything. It was a loverly morning and quite touching. It was a small but heart felt gathering before the big push today.
There were quite a few prayers, thanking god. For what I can't work out, but i quietly stood by watched the trees, directed the odd bit of traffic, remembered most of the Anthem and so very nearly called an old Digger "My Lord".
There was six (young) soldiers who marched around and stood guard, i was mesmerised by their shiny, shiny boots, they were soooooo shiny. No wonder we won wars, we couldn't lose with boots that shiny.