Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Well Rowany was a roaring sucess once again. Everyone had a blast, nothing or no-one broke and i got some cool shots (if i do say so myself)

SnowPea, the mighty archer

Lots of photos at Flickr and at ForBattle

Mouse and Corin on the battle field

It was great to have Fuschia and the kiddlings there. I think Rowany has to be a dream come true for children, they look soo cute in costume, and can run and play all week and be safe. They would turn up from thier boffer wars to eat and sleep, otherwise they got a good shot of independance, made friends and were completely happy.

The children victorious over the Knights, for the Fort

Small world moment.
I served a young lad at the tavern, and both Fuschia and I thought he looked like our cousin Tim but we haven't seen him for a while and it was in a odd context. We talked about it, and finally asked someone who he was, and was cousin Tim. He is very cool and was great to catch up.

Cousin Tim and Us

Till next year....