Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DARWIN- Parte the First

Three days in Darwin was barely enough but it was totally worth it. What a perfect way to spend winter.
Flew into Darwin about 0130, its very wierd at that time the airport is full, cafes and shops open, everyone is far too awake. Step outside and you breathe in the warm salt air and it is good.
Caught up with Stephan and Marianne- the happy couple- and others for breakfast at Cullen Bay, then hooked up with Snerg and Megs in town afterward.

Cullen Bay

We wandered through the Botanical Gardens which popped us out in the middle of a Catholic Boarding School- what a great playground- and then off to the Museum. It has some great exhibits. Footage, photos and stories from Cyclone Tracy, you can stand in a dark room and listen to an actual recording, which is kinda spooky. Sounds like a 1000 waves crashing with corragated iron screeching past.

That Aussie spirit

Sweetheart, a 5meter, 780kg croc that chewed on one to many outboard motors in the '70's. He died while being caught for relocation to a croc farm so they stuffed him in more ways than one. He is huge, its hard to imagine seeing something that big alive and moving. Poor old fella.
My most favourite part of the whole place are the displays of local critters and in what fashion they will kill or at least horribly maim you. The usual suspects- Box jellyfish, Sea snakes, Blue Ring octopus, Stone fish....and Sponges, yes they have killer sponges of all things. "Very Toxic Sponge" and 'Purple Dye Sponge' has your number. Hehe, amuses me no end.

Ultimate Pickup Truck

After that hard afternoon absorbing information and giggling over Evil Sponges we wandered down to the very close and beered up WaterSki Club. I'm not sure how many skiers are out there since this sign is right next door, but was a popular place with a awesome sunset.

Hardy bunch, these Territorians

Had dinner on Saturday night at the Magic Wok, which is a great concept. Choose your own meat, veges and sause, give it to dude who cooks it in a mega turbo wok and eat. Brilliant!
My first course was Horse and Camel in Black Pepper Sause, followed my mixed Seafood and Coat of Arms (kangaroo and emu). All good.

Horse and Camel, together at last.

I'm slowly putting up photos on my Flickr so stay tuned for more exciting tales of jumping Crocs, Weddings and snuggly Wedge Tailed Eagles.