Thursday, June 01, 2006


My new toys

I have been very good lately. Exercising more, eating better and drinking less.
Except on weekends, but luckly Saturday and Sunday exist in the own Space Time Continuium so it doesn't count.
I've been going to the gym at least 4 times a week, doing a combination of cardio, weights and core training. I been enjoying the kick boxing classes in particular, I think I can say that I don't punch like a girl. The sport of boxing and the concept of being hit and hitting someone for real has no interest for me, but it is very satisfying to punch something and its damn hard work.
So i bought my own pads and gloves. The ones the gym supplies are ok but sooooo such hand sweat in such a small space.

Flying up to Darwin tonight for the weekend, as you do. For a friends wedding on Sunday. Sadly due to Rob being shackled to his computer, work would only let him have a couple of days off.
I had a bit of a think about staying up there longer on my own, but the state that my work is in at the moment i don't think i could get much time off either so we'll save our rec leave for Italy or somewhere.
Three years ago we went up for another wedding and spent nearly a month exploring the area.
5 day Jutbula Trail hike, 3 day Katherine Gorge canoe trip, 4 days in Kakadu...beautiful, stunning, inspiring just a few of the understated words i could use.
There are some good day tours which i'm keen to go on so i can't complain too much, except coming back to cold wintery Sydney will be a bitch.

Have a good weekend everyone, off to get some hot Croc action.