Friday, August 04, 2006

I not into disclosure posts. Its not my thing, my private life is private and not that interesting and I need lot of red wine to get started, and then its even less interesting.
Anyway I have this friend.
She wants to get Implanon implanted, its a 3 year contraceptive chip than sits just under the skin. It also greatly helps the clarity on the Mothership instructions.
I think she should have done it years ago, but thats niether here nor there.
She had a good chat with her Doctor about it all and he gave her a infomation sheet, prescription and a contact number for Marie Stokes International. The Doc used to do it himself but the insurance company flipfloped over it, so he has to cover himself and stop doing it but thinks its totally dumb.
It has to be implanted during the period, but everytime she has rung they are booked up. Its hard to book ahead a month when the days may be out. They mentioned the Family Planning Clinic, so they were rang and can do it. But she needs to be counselled first and both can't be done on the same day. Mentioned the fact that she doesn't need counselling and has already chatted with the doctor but no, its thier policy.
Seriously, I think that counselling even for abortion should not be compulsory, let alone contraceptives.
Available and offered, most definately. I think it can be very useful- for people who want it.
Made to feel 12 years old and talk about 'our feelings' because we are made to -sod off.

Couselling is not needed when you get the Pill or the Morning After Pill, the checkout chick at Coles doesn't quiz you over the Condoms hidden under the Mint Slices. ( mmm lots of capitals in that sentence).
Plus its bloody inconvenient.