Monday, October 30, 2006


After 6 1/2 years in the Shaggy House- named by my American niece cause the grass was so long, so stop snickering- we are out. When I said to Fuschia who has moved three times since we have been there, "Oh yeah, most of its done now, shouldn't be too much stuff to do" she did the equivalent of a telephone eye roll. Well if I had a hat I'd eat it, but its packed or been given away.
Santa Vaca- it never ended till it did 5 minutes before the real estate chick showed up.
We moved all the furniture out on the Sunday and drove around Sydney dropping it off to various people. Then spent the next 5 days sorting and packing. I worked the nights and did midnight drops at Vinnies. Still have several boxes to go.
I now know why I bought so many freezer and snaplock bags over the years and never seemed to use many. They were all dragged into the back cupboard which was blocked by the recycling bin and made into a huge rustley nest by the ferrets. I didn't find any pulsating ichorly eggs but there was a few unrecogniable items hidden among it all.
Its the little treasures that keep you swearing.

It was a fun house. Many, many 'I have a cunning plan and it involves your BBQ' phone calls. Was great, all we had to do was make a salad and see who turned up.
Turkey days, Dacquari and Margarita afternoons, Munchkin fests, my 30th Moulin Rouge themed party, so much Absinthe so little memory, Snerg's 30th fancy dress party with Jumping castle on front, slushy Margarita machine and driveby Kabab man.
Lots of great times with great people.
Thanks all.