Saturday, October 07, 2006


Just had a great call from Ob who is in good ol' Atlanta, Georgia on his last leg a business trip - sounds so grown up doesn't it?
He is all good but totally broke. He is a wierdo who only has a debit card and when you pay $1800 for English hotel rooms work organised it it rock bottom. So he wanted me to wire him some cash- I feel like I'm in a war time movie with James Stewart.
WesternUnion has a 'online' service which after you have spent 5 minutes typing in a bunch of info you then have to phone them, and if its after 5pm or on a Sunday you are sleeping in the park.
So I say goodbye to my loverly husband and ring a Indian callcenter, which I am them told they will ring me back within the hour- ooohhh thanks guys- to reconfirm.

They just rang back and they are letting me send the cash.
Thank god for the web.

Oh yeah and my creditcard needed to check aswell before they released it, which is fair enough.

The internet is a amazing place, really it is. No need to subscribe to "Goats and the People Who Love Them" anymore its all here, glossy and bright.
But just because its here, means you don't have to use it- as I type on my silly blog- they should have a website saying 'Ring us and we will do all the tedious typing and checking and it will be done 7475849 times faster' but instead we make you think you are all techno savvy and cool and then make you ring us anyway.....