Friday, October 20, 2006

Moving...its just like Christmas, all those dusty forgotten nooks and memories rediscovered. Moving overseas... is just like Scrooge's christmas, find them, remember and chuck them out.

Somethings can't leave the memory or the possession.

Half drunk bottle of 1991Talisker, not the original brought back from Isle of Skye but Ob's favourite. Its been on top of the bookcase for at least a couple of years.
A Vulcan graduating from Sunnydale Mountain View High, CA...who knew?!
Bat the Rat- named by SnowPea aged about 5. I built Bat in '97 or '98. Skinned it, scraped off remaining fat and flesh from skin and skull. Mounted skull and stuffed skin. Wire in the tail for easy pointing and waving. Great for chasing and freaking out mother of said SnowPea.
I was thinking of being harsh and releasing him, but was voted down by various ForBattlers.
No one is willing to take the thing of course.
hmmmm maybe a special stocking filler is in order.