Monday, November 20, 2006


Which they accounced 20 minutes before I arrived in Bathurst. But luckly my dear sister made fresh ones for arvo tea.
I was planning of packing the car with treasures we can't bear to part with and store them at Fuschia's place and not think of it again for years. But car breaking down screwed that plan. I was a bit dispondent till I remembered public transport. Yay for public transport. Got to sleep and read all the way there and back.
A one night flying visit, wish I could have stayed longer. Got Mr Whippie, played Carcasonne, got whipped at 'Soul Calibre' on the PS2, mashing buttons only gets you so far against a wiley 8 year old. Watched 'The Third Man' Joseph Cotton and Orson Wells whooping it up in Vienna. Couple of Goodie episodes "Bunfight at the OK Tearoom" total classic.
Bits of " So You Think You Can Dance?" some reality tv thingy. American kids being told they can't dance by some old geezer in a really bad white jumper.
Once the kids went to bed, we watched a strange flick "Immortel" sci-fi French. Half real , half CGI, all kooky. The god Horus in a g-string is something they forgot to mention in any Stargate episodes. Amanda, any clue from your studies?
Snowpea offering's to me to live with them, is not making things easier.