Saturday, December 02, 2006


Coogee beach, I loves it. Ob shirked off work early and we had a swim, hung out Coogee Bay Hotel where we had free beer courtesy of NOVA radio, two songs from Guy Sabastian, pop culture clueless Ob had even heard of him, he must be a star! or something.
Loverly dinner at Barzura then we went and sat in the sandstone caves on the south end of Coogee and watched the waves crash below us. Once we past the chanting circle it all dark and private.
Back to the Coogee Bay, drunk too much beer, danced to the band, chatted with Irish backpackers, watched the bounchers headlock some guy out into the street....good times good times, just like the old days.

While watching women totter past in high heels we have developed a theory. Ob does admit they give a nice look to the calf but once they start walking they look useless, he doesn't like useless.
I don't wear heels, can't wear them and the few times I have worn small ones they hurt my feet alot. I'm not into pain and being useless. I was wearing my boots with heels and they fractured my Tibia when I mistepped the curb. Stupid boots...
Anyway the idea is "Never wear anything you can't 1- Head kick zombies or aliens or zombie aliens in and/or 2- Run away run said zombie/aliens". Last night I was wearing sandals, not good for headkicking but there would have been lots of tottering chicks having thier brains gnawed on while I dashed nimbly away.