Sunday, February 18, 2007


Everyone say HI to Darwin.

Rob has already introduced her over at ForBattle. She is part Blue Cattle with a hint of Red, part who knows what and part Navajo. She and her 2 brothers where found under a house in the Four Corners Reservation, which (I think) is part Hopi and part Navajo.
Rob's Mum coworker rescued them and took them to the Second Chance Animal Shelter. They stayed there for 2 weeks were spayed, vaccinated (rabies!) and microchipped. We had heard all about them but never saw her till yesterday. We were half sold on the idea 3 weeks ago. For some reason a 'Res Dog' sounded intriguing.
She is about 4 months, was a little nervous last night and slept under the bed. Was more happy today, and we went for a good walk in the bush. She kinda comes to her name, and until she does she stays on the leash. Not sure if she was a tad worried or the cattle dog in her but she likes being behind us when we walk. Least she is not nipping ankles.
I love Cattle dogs having grown up with them so getting a Cattle mutt is great, they really are a good breed. (Despite the one which tried to drag me under the ute ripping my jeans at that rodeo all those years ago.)
It will slow down our traveling in the future a bit but I know the fun will outweigh the problems, plus there are so many dog friendly places now.