Sunday, February 11, 2007


Last night we went and saw Pan's Labyrinth. I wanted to see it before we left Australia, it sounded so good. It was that good. I loved it even though it was ALOT different than what I first thought it was about.
It's rated R here and what I read it mentioned violence, fantasy and adult themes. I was thinking more like LOTR type style. No. It was LOTR meets Full Metal Jacket meets Reservoir Dogs meets Dark Crystal.
Not for kids even ones who coped with Big spiders and Worgs.

The fantasy was a back seat driver to the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and that was where the violence was, sudden and shocking. I recommend it big time but be strong.

I went today with Sallie and Laura to part of the Winter Fest program. The Northern Arizona Celtic Society does a High Tea with silent auction every year. Most years they have Flagstaff writer made good. Diana Gabalon, who i never heard of till 2 weeks ago but has a big following here, she has a PHD in Ecology, very smart and seems like a really cool person to get drunk with. Her inspiration for setting her stories in 1750's Scotland was watching an old Dr Who episode where the good DR picks up a young man in a kilt. The image of spunky young men in kilts appealed alot, and who can blame her!
She is a great speaker and chatted about getting her books from Romance to Historical Fiction to all manner of genres to winning the Quill Award for Best Sci-Fi/Fanasty/Horror beating George R.R Martan and Stephan King, which shocked her.
I'm about a third though 'Outlander' her first book, which is not bad. There is 7 in the series which I'm not sure I'll get though. Time travel, scottish history, sex, love and bagpipes.

She had a great quote from a German interview, she claims she was tired.
Dude " So what it the appeal about men in kilts?"
Diana " well they can have you against the wall in less than a minute.."