Friday, February 16, 2007


Nestled in between absolutely stunning landscape. Rob took a short work break and we drove down to Sedona on Tuesday afternoon and came back Wednesday. It only an hour south of Flagstaff but a world away in terms of landscape and community.

Most of the buildings follow the same Adobe and Spanish Mission look (which i love the look of). Muted reds, browns and greens. It all blends in really well with the landscape. Even the Maccas has Teal Arches instead of Golden ones.

It's all very touristy. which is all fine but its not exactly cheap. Every second store called seems to be called ' Western Traders', you want Cowboys and Indians this is the place. You want really expensive art works this is the place. You want more New Age Pagan Fairy Wanker stuff this is definitely the place. You want beautiful red mesas, buttes and cliffs to walk around over and through then look no more.

We did two walks both about 6 miles long. We had rain, hail and sunshine and at times all three at once. I could go on all day about the interplay of light and shadow and how it changed everytime you looked. It was truly beautiful and my photos barely does the place justice.

One of the reasons Sedona is full of crystal suckers is supposedly there are Vortexes of energy in certain places. The Boynton Canyon walk we did has one, so they whirling maelstrom, not interested.

Just need to make my fortune in Vegas and the US$79,000 metal horse is mine.