Saturday, March 03, 2007


Actually got off my butt and achieved a few things this week. As much I'm enjoying sleeping in, playing World of Warcraft and strangely compelling free gem/crystal matching games, trying not to bother Rob too much spending money and walking the dog. The time had come for me to do something, not too much though don't want to hurt myself.

On Monday I got my CV together, put on clean clothes and hit the town. Went into several of the bars in funky Olde Downtown to see if they would like a funny talking stranger. They all said they were fine now as its pretty quite but in a month or so when Spring Break happens and all the uni students leave there should be a few jobs going. Summer is the peak tourist season and that gets uber busy.
That was cool and could wait a month.
On Tuesday Mike calls me and mentions a bar he and his Rugby mates go to where looking for a bartender, so the next day I wander in have a chat, fill out a form and told that if I come in after 2:30 I can speak to the manager. I asked what the hourly rate is, they said probably less than the minimum wage as tips gets factored into the pay. The minimum wage is about $6/hour.....santa vaca!

Snowy Feets

I go in the next day she seems to like me, loves the accent, and I start training on Monday. Part time, day shifts which mean it will be very quiet and tips will be less than forthcoming. I'm thinking it as a volunteer job with petrol money.
You know that hot chick that once said she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10 000, well its kinda like that except about $9997 less.

On Wednesday night I drive out to 2nd Chance Animal Shelter for a volunteer info night.
Its where we got Darwin and is new and doing really well. They are a 'limited intake' facility meaning they can choose which beasties to take in (unlike the city pound who must take all comers) and only ever put animals down due to illness or behaviour/ aggression problems, never for space reasons.
They work very closely with the other shelters and with the Indian Reservations where 80% of the dogs come from, and are very pro active with spaying and education.
I went in for a one on one chat to see what sort of things I could do. Reeling off my paid and unpaid animal and community work seems to impress him and I start the Wednesday in the vet clinic side of things. I have a Vet Nurses Cert. which I got after leaving school and have mostly forgotten it all, but brushing up on my skills and maybe even doing a few courses could lead to other things.
So I'm kinda excited about both of these plans. Money wise not the best but as long as Rob keeps shaking his money maker we can afford for me to bludge a little.

Big eared, cactus chewing hound

Darwin is doing well, mild case of Kennel Cough but a trip to the vet and drugs seems to be fixing that. She loves her walks and its fun to start running with her sprinting ahead then bouncing back. As try as we might she as no interest in catching sticks, balls or frizbees....she had a little play with stick yesterday so there may be help for her yet. Crazy dog.

Spin me right round

The Hamsters still have eyes bigger than brain cells, and are still cute. Except Golum who is a bitch. Nothing helps a restful night than a 3am squealing massacre coming from the other room. She beats up the others...evil creature. I may have to put her in the Death Star and let Darwin play with it , her roll around the floor on her own.

Powering up the Death Star
* Klingon for Hamster