Wednesday, March 14, 2007


, Pharyngula and Mixing Memories have posted about musical preference and what it means about your personality ... What does it mean?...NFI!

Working in the bar I have been asked that question a few times, usually straight after "Did you cry when Steve Irwin died?"
My top ten songs, off the top of my head, but trying not to have 8 Nick Cave songs and 2 Leonard Cohen songs....Its bloody hard. Plus not having our music over here yet, they have fallen out of my brain.

In no order....Its hard enough as it is.

1- The Ship Song- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
2- Bird On A Wire- Leonard Cohen
3- Indifference- Pearl Jam
4- Hast Thou Considered The Tetrapod- The Mountain Goats
5- Silver Saddle- 16 Horsepower
6- Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
7- Sanvean- Dead Can Dance
8- One More Cup Of Coffee- Bob Dylan
9- Powderfinger- Cowboy Junkies
10-Temple Of Love- Sisters of Mercy

Though ask me tomorrow and I'll think of different stuff.
According to the thorough skim I did of the article my dimensions are 'Intense and Rebellious', with a dash of 'Reflective and Complex' a spoonful of 'Upbeat and Conventional' and not very 'Energetic and Rhythmic'.
Sounds about right....