Tuesday, March 13, 2007


View of Flagstaff from halfway up mountain behind our place

I'm a working gal now. Got a part time job at a bar downtown, on the wrong side of the tracks but near the uni. I have three shifts so far, Saturday and Sunday 11-6( opening) and 2.30-9.30, they shut at 2am every day. I get $3.75/hour which make me shudder but I made $70 in tips over the weekend.
They aren't the greatest shifts since tips is the big thing here but I'm the new kid so I'll do these for a while and then maybe ask for more busier times. Its very low key, relaxed and have already met a few locals. I'm working my accent for all its got.
Wukoki- My favourite building.

Flagstaff stretches out along Route 66 and the train line, get those huge long cargo trains rumbling through and if you want to cross just as a 100 car train comes through, bring a book.
Downtown is the historic, touristy bit. Lots of old brick buildings with many bars, restaurants, art galleries, "Wild West/Indian Trader/Grand Canyon" shoppes which have stuff ranging from t-shirts to $4000 Navajo rugs. It has a good vibe and has some really good places to hang out.
The rest of Flag, as us locals call it, goes east and west from there. With many motels, malls, parks and suburbs. We live on the edge of Coconino Forest- fabulous for walks, the dogs and we love it- and less than 10 minutes from Downtown.
I've been told here is a fairly liberal (not the Aussie meaning of that word) island surrounded by conservatives. I'm assuming the uni and the tourist pull helps with that, which helps me breathe easier, though there are 5 churches about 2 minutes walk away from here, so its not all
secular but no one has tarred and feathered me yet.

Petrified Forest, amazing colours and textures. Just like the real thing.

I'm also volunteering at Second Chance Center for Animals, where we got Darwin. They were stoked to hear I have Vet Nurse experience and put me in the clinic which is want I wanted. Its been yonks since I did any Vet Nursing and I think they think I know more than I do, but its a great way to brush up on my skills and I'm going to look into what courses are available.
All the cute puppies...must be strong.

Mountain Lion (they think). Finally got to see the real thing, after loving this image for so long.

I haven't taken any new photos, so here are some old ones.