Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doctor Who Knows

I saw the Dr Who Christmas Special couple of days ago, and liked it. It was silly and profound and silly and kinda sad and silly.

ohh its being 'fast tracked' to Australia on Jan 20th....
I emuled it in a day and who wouldn't if they could.

There is a post on Hoydens About Town on it.
I love the site and always will.
I seem to at loggerheads with the rest. I'm a human, female, happy, happyily married, don't take shit from anyone but I still don't see the huge issues with that episode. Its a hour or so long for gawds sake, how can every issue be solved? and yet I'm told I need a lesson in womans studies.

oh well.

Now its morning i was going to delete this cause it seemed like I'm having a unwarranted whinge and a cry in my corner. But I'll keep it up and try not to look to silly.
Hoydens is a great blog and I learn a lot from everyone there. I generally don't comment because most people have already said it better.
The Doctor Who post piqued my interest and I didn't totally agree with the take on it. I need to be hit over the head with wrongness the subletys are beyond me I'm afraid.


Sunday, December 28, 2008


Took the new boards for the first spin at Snowbowl yesterday. Glorious sunny day on the slopes.

I was not as unco as I thought I would be after nearly a year plus I was worried about my wrist cause it still hurts after 10 months. But with wrist guards and taking it easy it was fine.

It was a total hoot, I can still stand up and let gravity take its course while not stacking it too often.
My special achievment for the day was getting of the ski lift and not falling in the way of the people behind me. Not once but twice i did a perfect dismount and glided away like a pro.

I took the Flip Camcorder with me and for part of the day filmed while I boarded. Not as easy as it looks esp with moon glove fat fingers.
Was fun mucking around with it though.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


A good time was had by all. Many Aunts, Uncles and cousins converged on Flagstaff for Chrissie.
After all the eating, unwrapping and more eating a few of us went for a Christmas Day sledding jaunt.
Using the Flip camcorder again I caught the action.

The resolution is not great, I tried that 'fixmymovie' site but didn't really do much, but you get the general idea.

Today is clear and sunny and we are heading up the hill to try out the new snowboards...

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Amanda sent we a Flip Camcorder for Christmas, so i gave it a whirl on our walk today.
Its pretty nifty and can edit the video. The music was not my choice, but you can upload your own.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have discovered a cunning evolutionary trait. I have a cold, which for me is not a common thing so maybe this is why I haven't not noticed it before.
To paraphrase my favourite Blackadder
"How do you get so much mucus out of such a small head?"
Gross I tell you. Anyway I noticed after I fell asleep in the car yesterday coming back from Monument Valley and again this morning, that your body stops production and you wake up with a normal feeling nose and have not drowned yourself or spouse in your own goo. Five minutes after that the flood gates reopen and the grossness begins all over again.
Clever huh.

We did a quick 3 day roadtrip. Mum is only here till the 28th Dec, so wanted to show her and us a few more sites.
We left Friday evening after Rob had knocked off for the day and drove East for about 5 hours.
Had dinner in Gallup, New Mexico and spent the night in Albuquerque. I have the hardest time typing Albuquerque, takes me at least three time to get it right and then still looks wrong.

We took the dogs with us, we knew that Darwin travels well but was unsure about Roo. They both were great the whole trip. The first hotel we had a room with two beds so the dogs settled themselves quite happily on the spare and not a peep from them all night.

Petroglyph National Monument

We had planned on meeting Rob's Aunt in Santa Fe in the afternoon so we didn't see much of the town. We did take a great walk through Petroglyph National Monument. It boarded suburbia, so while looking at ridges of jumbled rocks covered in figures, hands, and unknown glyphs hundreds of years old we could hear and see traffic, whistles from sport games and morning joggers.


We got to Santa Fe and met up with the rellos. Santa Fe is a beautiful town, all adobe and Spanish Mission style. J's house is a restored adobe built in the 1800's and is stunning. We had a great visit, and lavish dinner and woke up to snow.

Chilled Chillies, Santa Fe

We pushed on north to Aztec and visited the ruins there. They were not built by the Aztecs, but the first explorers figured the locals could not have built such a huge complex. They were wrong, but the name stuck.
I do love a good ruin.

Aztec Ruins

After that we crossed back into Arizona and stayed the night in Kayenta. Its on the Navajo Nation and I go there for work. It seems to be in teh middle of nowhere but there is always many tourists because 20 miles up the road in Monument Valley, and that is worth any trek.
It was stunning.


We had the place mostly to ourselves, since it is off season but I would recommend going this time of year. Snow dusted the landscape and made the gorgeous vista of the red mesas even more dramatic.

Monument Valley

We drove back to Flagstaff and tucked in. Its snowing a lot. Which is great but is does mean I need to shovel the drive way before we can go anywhere.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Card sent from her work.


As a pressie to myself, and not anything to do with middish life crisis. I took the chop. The cycle of hair continues.

Wedding 2001

Wupakti 2007

Flagstaff 2008

Monday, December 01, 2008


Well at least a close tie with World Of Warcraft 4 years ago from Rob, and those stuffed birds from the parentals 20 odd years ago.

Amanda, aka Flopearedmule aka younger sista send me this for my Birthday- 3rd December, in case you have a spare speedboat laying around.

Kiva- Loans That Change Lives

I got $50 to loan to people around the world to help them get started. Gawd, what a choice.
The idea, you loan the money and at some point down the track they repay you, to loan again.

What a wonderful concept. I'm planning on adding to it and doing more.

After much nail biting, tooing and froing and a glass of Chardy I chose these two loans.

Zareena M. Nazir Group

Husniya Boturova

Tell and give to your friends, better than socks for Christmas.