Sunday, February 27, 2011


Not much happens, but the non happening is quite compelling.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's snowing again, after 7 weeks of clear skies. Expecting 10-18inchs in the next couple of days. That's winter in the high desert for ya.

I got my results back from my tummy bug. It seems I have a bug called Blastoystis hominis.
Usually you don't treat it, but because I have symptoms the Doc thought it best to put me on Metronidazole, which it the exact same drug with give the critters at work when then get an oggly tummy.
According to Wiki-" Blastocystis hominis has a widespread geographic distribution and is found at a rate of 5-10% in most developed countries, and a rate of up to 50% in less developed areas. High rates of infection are also found in individuals in developed countries who work with animals."

Here is was blaming the Colorado River for my plight, when it probably is due to the butt sniffing beasts I live and work with.
Apart from that we are both super lurgied. Rob got ill on Monday, I thought I dodged it until Thursday it hit me and I can barely move. The worst flu like attack we both have had in years. I would say I'm a weak as a kitten, but if you have ever tried to hold one of the little buggers while taking a temp or drawing blood, you will know that tinyness is most deceptive.

I drove through the snow to work today and they promptly sent me home, its slushy and slippery out there. Will need to venture forth at some point, I'm almost out of tea bags. Will have to start rationing my Cups of Brown Joy, and that's just not cricket.

In more interesting news, we have booked our flights home YAY!!!
Rob is staying just over 3 weeks (pesky work wants him back) and I'm staying 5 weeks. After 3 years I may as well make it worth the while. Hoping to do a week in NZ with Kate and co, it's less than $300 return and a weeks roadtrip sounds like fun. North Island or South Island, any suggestions?

Had my first exam the other week. It was just 50 multiple choice and 3 written questions for extra credit. I got 52/53...woohoo. The highest in the class. Oh yeah, I rock the Neolithic!

Oh yeah. Republicans, I hate you and all you stand for.

Monday, February 07, 2011


Hope all you Sydneyites are cooling down. Seems like everywhere is getting hammered by nasty weather of some sort. It's been real dry here, no real snow since New Years. I hope we get some more before winter's end. There are still patches around but its mostly gone. Last week we had a cold snap, even during the days it was well below freezing and windy. It hurt to go outside. Probably the coldest days I've had here. I'd rather a blizzard.

Getting over a fairly unpleasant tummy bug this week. Ugh.
Ever since I got back from the river trip my tummy have been more fractious and prone to sulk. I wonder if I ingested something I shouldn't have. It flares up from time to time and this week it got bad enough to go see a doctor. We will see if the samples show anything. Living on tea, toast, rice and bananas. (not Paleo at all)

My class at NAU is going well. I'm just doing one at the moment for sheer interest sake. It's a Archaeology course called 'Lost Tribes and Buried Cities'. We are still in the Epipaleolithic but are moving on to more of the rise and fall of various civilizations. The Professor's main interest is Mayan caves in Belieze. He takes students there every summer to learn about hands on archaeology. Interested...very. Get to go...doubt it.
I will miss quite a few classes because we will be back in Australia mid April. I'm very excited to be coming home but kinda bummed to be missing the classes. Oh well, that's the timing and I'm not changing it for anything.
I can still do the quizzes on line. I have to email the head honcho of Anthropology and ask if I can take the final online.
I'm keen to do more classes next semester. Maybe that will mean going to part time work, I don't know yet.

I've started doing CrossFit, which is this exercise system which I'm finding way more interesting and challenging than a normal gym. Its more expensive but you basically have a personal trainer with you at all times. The classes have a Work Out of the Day (WOD), its the same for everyone but you scale it to your strengths. I had to go to 12 classes before hand before I could even start the WODs. Basically you have to learn proper weight lifting techniques so you won't hurt yourself. Everyone is really cool and supportive. Cheering you on to finish and fist bumps all round. The Flagstaff one posts photos and times everyday so you can keep a record. The SWAT WOD was fun, got to shoot (airsoft gun) at a target after running around alike a crazy thing for 13 min (that was my time). I hit 9 out of 10 targets with my heart thumping out of my chest.
Still can't climb a rope yet but I'm working on it.
They are all keen on the Paleo diet. It has some great concepts but the whole idea of the romantic caveman swanning around gnawing on berries and Mammoths doesn't really sit well. Try and cut out processed foods and eat more fresh stuff makes a lot of sense. I'm trying.
Still need, need I say, sugar in my tea and the odd bowl of rice and pasta. I'm such a bad cave chick.

The chap-hop/ steampunk hip hop songs that Lou posted over at ForBattle have been in my head for daaaaays. I don't even like hip hop that much. I bought Prof Elemental album 'Indifference Engine' and its pretty cute. He likes his Blunderbluss and Orangutans.

To try and get it out of my head, I've been listening to Len's 'Recitation'