Friday, December 22, 2006


Stolen from Moment To Moment, who has a TV based meme which I'm thinking about.
This is great, and if you haven't watched BattleStar Galactica....shame. It rocks we are half way through season 3 and *spoiler*

- there are a few humies still alive


Thursday, December 21, 2006


I like christmas, I always have and always will. Apart from three (i think) when I was traveling I have spent them all with my immediate family.
Growing up we would always wait till Christmas Eve to put up and decorate the tree. Always alive and involved a tromp through the bush, sometimes a pine though I mostly remember the big old Gum tree branchs. Which didn't kill the tree and had that true Aussie flavour. We had a big box of decorations and we all helped cover everything.
Santa got his milk/booze with biscuits and the reindeer got their carrots left out for them, and always they were eaten and nibbled on the next day.
The present opening was and still is a big ritual. The stockings filled with all sorts of goodies kept us amused for ages.
Everyone has to be up, breakfasted and dressed. The parents always had to just go get another cup of coffee before we could begin. The three daughters took turns in choosing one present, passing it on which was read out to and from, then on to the 3rd to give it over. Then we all watched as it was opened and ohhed and ahhed over. It took forever and everyone got to see it all.
We do the same with Hal and Snowpea now and they seem very happy with the arrangement.

Religion never played any part in it....(not that I remember, nothing overt at least)

There was a article in the NY Times ' An Atheist Can Believe In Christmas'
like is was a surprise or something, we are not Bah Humbuging around but enjoying what it means to us.
Some people hate Christmas, which is fine and understandable but I doubt they are all goddless heathens.
Various folk have written about it, two of my favourite-
Pandagon and Pharyngula

As Richaed Dawkins put it
So divorced has Christmas become from religion that I find no necessity to bother with euphemisms such as happy holiday season. In the same way as many of my friends call themselves Jewish atheists, I acknowledge that I come from Christian cultural roots. I am a post-Christian atheist. So, understanding full well that the phrase retains zero religious significance, I unhesitatingly wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

So from this happy, christmas loving, goddless chick to you all


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The lovely Muley gave me a birthday gift certificate for "A Good Ole Chocolate Wallowing". It sound so good I bought one for Ob- Happy BDay for Thursday my love.

A little shop tucked away in Liechardt owned by a man who knows his chocolate.
You know you have to temper chocolate just like steel, heating and cooling to get the Crystals of Power properly aligned?....mmmm chocolate sword mmmmm. All very nifty.

A Thing of Beauty

We started by making the ganash- The flavours we had to choose from were- Peppermint, Coffee, Orange, Chilli, Brandy, all soooo good.

230ml of kick arse tempered choccy
150ml of cream
several drops of the Essence of Terror Peppermint

all mixed up and regularly tasted.

Then we had to roll it into balls, 16 or so big and the rest small.
Mine turned out slighty less ball like and more like that Klingon delicacy ro'qegh'Iwchab
But I got to lick my hands....ohh yeah.

The larger lumps were rolled into coconut, cocoa, almonds and 100's & 1000's

The smaller ones we passed through

The Enrober
When I'm the Evil Overlord living in my volcano I'm so getting a human sized one of these babies for all my nemesises and Saturday nights.

Vola' almost like a real person made them.

I'm sure I could feel the spirit of Roux in the room with me.


Sunday, December 10, 2006


Fipping through the latest National Geographic I had a Remember To Breathe moment.

Just look at this place.

Uch Sharif, Pakistan- pack my bags


Saturday, December 02, 2006


Coogee beach, I loves it. Ob shirked off work early and we had a swim, hung out Coogee Bay Hotel where we had free beer courtesy of NOVA radio, two songs from Guy Sabastian, pop culture clueless Ob had even heard of him, he must be a star! or something.
Loverly dinner at Barzura then we went and sat in the sandstone caves on the south end of Coogee and watched the waves crash below us. Once we past the chanting circle it all dark and private.
Back to the Coogee Bay, drunk too much beer, danced to the band, chatted with Irish backpackers, watched the bounchers headlock some guy out into the street....good times good times, just like the old days.

While watching women totter past in high heels we have developed a theory. Ob does admit they give a nice look to the calf but once they start walking they look useless, he doesn't like useless.
I don't wear heels, can't wear them and the few times I have worn small ones they hurt my feet alot. I'm not into pain and being useless. I was wearing my boots with heels and they fractured my Tibia when I mistepped the curb. Stupid boots...
Anyway the idea is "Never wear anything you can't 1- Head kick zombies or aliens or zombie aliens in and/or 2- Run away run said zombie/aliens". Last night I was wearing sandals, not good for headkicking but there would have been lots of tottering chicks having thier brains gnawed on while I dashed nimbly away.