Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving today. nomnom.
It is a bright sunny day and the ground is covered with a few inches of sparkly white snow. We are having dinner at Rob's folk's place. He is making the mash taters and I have been asked to my super nommy lemon sabayon. A few berries on top and I get to lick the bowl.

Hope everyone at home has a great Turkey Day as well.

With the few inches of snow that has fallen in the last week I got to try out my new snow Ugg boots. They were a early birthday pressie from my in laws. They are fully lined with sheep skin and kept my toes toasty. I never knew Ugg made lace up boots. They are made in China (i guess Uggs are not Aussie anymore) and I hope the last along time. They were not cheap.
A friend at work was wearing the slip on kind and I was telling her about the bogan stereotype that Aussies have with wearing Uggs in public.

Rob and I love to play games, as most of you know. We were in the little toy store down town a few months ago looking at some game when some guy comes up and asks us if we are local and enjoy gaming. He told as about the games night and now we are regulars.
Each Monday night we go to the Wine Loft and play games with a really nice bunch of people.
All these cool new games that we get to play with.

Chris, who kinda runs it lent us a 2 player games called Horus Heresy. Its set in the Warhammer 40k universe, and pits The Emperor against his traitorous cloned son, Horus. I played Horus, so I got various Nurglings and deamons. I pretty much owned the whole ground and kinda forgot/ignored the whole ship section. Rob in his last ditch effort beamed The Emperor and his cronies up to the ship and kicked my butt. So the tactic is, get Horus off the ship asap. It was fun and if we play it again The Emperor may not be so smug.

I'm going to do a couple of classes at NAU next year. I'm doing the non degree stream so I can only take 6 credits. I want to do something Biology related and get my brain back into gear. I'm kinda excited. I need to give proof of immunization...gah no idea where they are.

The family is planning on all meeting in Taos, New Mexico for Christmas this year. I managed to wrangle the days off so it looks like we are going too. Rob's aunt lives there, so it will be a nice catch up. The plan is to have at least one day of skiing/snowboarding while we are there. The hotel allows dog so we will bring the beasts and hope they aren't too annoying.

I'm kinda hooked on MI5/Spooks at the moment. I have watched the first few series then jumped to the 7th when I found out that Richard Armitage as Lucas North had joined the show. I'm almost finished the 9th season and the 10th will be shown next year. They do the intensity so well. I'm always on the edge on my seat. The characters seem real, and since they have no problem killing them off you never know how long they have left. I love Harry Pierce, he is such a bad arse and still tries to maintain some sort of humanity. If they kill off RA I will be very put out.

Only 17 days till Leonard Cohen....yays!

Well enough random blathering, that Sabayon ain't gunna make itself.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Leonard Cohen in Las Vegas on 11th Dec. Perfect.
In between mine and Rob's birthdays.

We were wondering what to get each other.

Monday, November 01, 2010


I wanted to Steampunk for Halloween but didn't do anything about it until 3 hours before we were to go out. So it was all a bit halfarsed but a good time was had by all.