Saturday, January 23, 2010


Flagstaff has mostly shut down in the last few days due to the snow. Schools, shops, transport all came to a grinding fluffy halt.

Flagstaff from behind our house

The Uni is closed so Rob has had the last 2 days off and so have I . The animals at my work still need taken care of but with minimum amount of people. We don't have a car, so couldn't go anywhere even if we wanted to (haven't heard from the mechanics, assuming they are closed as well). We have enough supplies for a while, last night we did a crockpot roast and veges...nommy. As long as we don't lose power we will be fine. House with no central heating or the internet in a snow storm...brrrrr and arrggghhhhh.

The weather always had an some kind of effect on most peoples day to day life. Usually it can be ignored or adapted to without too much change in routine. Its been very interesing to see how this storm has impacted us all. Is easy to forget that nature is a mother...
I'm not getting paid for these days off as is many, many people here, but am lucky that I'm not living paycheque to paycheque and am not stressed about the rent. Its only a few days but the impact will ripple through the town.
This morning's paper reports that the roof of Bookmans (plus other stores) collapsed last night....nooooo. Now where am I going to get my shlock serial killer fix and mocha while walking my dogs? We love that place, were in there last week with Chris and the pooches.
But seriously its not good and I really hope they all have good insurance and can save the stock.

Bedroom view of the backporch, we are not getting out that way

Cabin fever has not set in yet. Rob and I are still civil but I might hide the scissors just in case plus I'm planning on kicking his butt in Axis and Allies later today.

The backyard, the fences are not very high.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Happy Three Year Anniversary to us living in the USA. (not counting the first 24 years of Rob's life, but he didn't know any better)
We have survived pretty well. Living in the USA has been a lot of fun and a grand experience. Three years...really?! Time is a kooky thing.
I can now start the citizen process, which involves much paperwork, money and me learning about stuff so I can pass the test. But its totally worth it, I'll be a dual citizen so back and forth will be even easier. If I leave the US for more than a year in one block, I can lose my Green card and would have to go through the entire process again, which would be aarrrrggghhhhhhhh.

Two of the three snow storms have hit us and the biggest one is hovering over our house. It is supposed to get pretty heavy over the next couple days. WeatherUnderground is my new internet obsession, I check it more often than I oggle People of Walmart....and thats saying something.
Yesterday it was sunny for a while before the next wave rolled in so the dogs and I had a good tromp.
I made this little vid...its very silly and next time I need to think about what to say first and stop blinking so much..I blame the snowy glare.

Work was closed today and tomorrow because of the snow. I went in to check on the beasties and left mid afternoon. Less than a mile from work on the Hwy, the car died. Lucky there was enough shoulder to move onto out of the traffic.
This is what a wrote on Facebook -

'Car breaking down driving home from work suckth so much I have ran out of swearwords.
Upside- Happened before the blizzard, nice Hwy patrolman did not tazer me, the tow truck was quick, Semi's didn't hit me, taxi home was warm, won't have to shovel the car out tomorrow and I bought a wireless mouse. There is always a upside.'

I wouldn't be so annoyed about it, but this the the second time in 6 months it has broken down and in the same way. Anyone want a slightly used Subaru Outback? doesn't smell like skunk anymore..much.

A ex work mate of Rob's turned up for a whirlwind visit last weekend. Chris was in CA for work and popped over to see us. I had to work but he and Rob did the Grand Canyon/Wupatki loop. Our favourite way to show the tourists how beautiful this area is in one easy day.
It never fails to impress and we never get bored of showing it off.
Its funny how Aussies have accents now.

Two weeks till Kate and Co turn up. I've been practicing my Espanol for when we are in Mexico, which I know I probably even won't try out just from sheer flusteredness. I can count to 1000 which will help with prices of things and I am pretty good at 'No hablo Espanol' and 'dos cervesa por favor'

I think Margaritas on the beach will be the winner on the day.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


My snow boots are falling apart and thanks to certain dogs who chewed
the tops so they don't cinch closed anymore.
Ankle freeze, not so much fun.
I need new boots and it seems I need them before Monday. Shopping time.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC) participants received a weather
briefing from the local National Weather Service today, January 16 at
1000 hours. Three (3) winter storms will be moving through the
Flagstaff area during this time. While earlier storms are more
predicable, the last storm is less predictable due to it being a full
7 days out in the forecast period.

1.First Storm:

Arriving Monday evening and lasting until mid-day Tuesday. Snow
levels as follows:

7000 feet: 6 – 10 inches
6000 – 7000 feet: 2 – 6 inches

Some wind will accompany this storm with gusts possible up to 35-45 mph.

2.Second Storm:

Arriving Late Tuesday night and lasting until mid-day Wednesday. Snow
levels as follows:

6500 feet: 8 – 12 inches
5500 – 6500 feet: 4 – 10 inches

Some wind will accompany this storm with gusts possible up to 35-45 mph.

3.Third Storm:

This will be the moistest and the longest duration of any previously
listed storms. Arriving Wednesday night (around midnight) and lasting
until Friday. Snow levels as follows:

Unable to predict exact or probably snow levels & amounts, however
this storm will contain lots of moisture. This storm will start off
warm and very moist. There will be widespread modest precipitation
and rainfall could occur on top of the previous snowfall resulting in
the potential for flooding. Rainfall in the Flagstaff & Williams area
could be 2 – 4 inches. Freezing will follow at the 5000 – 6000 foot
level and rain will turn to snow.

Wind will accompany this storm in the 45 – 55 mph range.

An additional briefing will be held with the National Weather Service
next week on Tuesday or Wednesday and more information will be

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Happy new year and all that...gawd a third through Jan already and what do I have to show for it....?

Good things actually.

Darwin and Roo are making out on the stairs. Ahhh doggy love we all could learn from their simple message. Which involves noses, tongues and the occasional butt.

Rob started his new job at the Uni as a computer nerd guy. Yay!
Going well so far it seems and he is right behind Bookmans- awesome used book/cd/dog friendly/coffee shop, so I can see where the first few pay cheques will go.
It is a bit weird though. We worry about the dogs being left alone all day in the house with no friends.
The first two years Rob worked from home for the Aussie company he worked for when we lived there, and the last year has been home as a long haired unemployed bum (worked for Mike as construction monkey for a bit) which he cooked me dinner, cleaned the house and walked the dogs...the bum.Poor poor neglected pups

Poor doggies, the excitement that greets us at home is atomic. They still get a shortish hike through the snow when the first one gets home but its not the long ramble they are used to.
Its probably silly to worry so much but its the most responsibility I have in my life so I do worry a bit about them. So far they have survived, and I reckon they sleep most of the day, saving the insanity for the door opening.

Enough about the bloody dogs already...

Mexico is locked and loaded. Airfares return Phoenix to Cancun, all inclusive 6 nights at Ocean Maya on the Playa del Carmen for US$650 pp via Travelocity....I got worried looking at the resort website that the day rate is about $200 that i screwed up somehow but I emailed the place and they seem to have gotten our reservation, so i guess the travel site can get a uber deal.
There is 6 of us so I looking hire vans for the week. Not that cheap for a minivan but i think worth it for the freedom. We are going to drive to Chitzen Izta which it 3 hrs one way and do the Tulum and Coba Mayan ruins so even if the car sits there not used for a day or 2 while we hang on the beach it will be worth it.
I was there 4 years ago and excited to go back, been practising my Spanish. I can count to 1000 and say 'I don't speak Spanish' in Spanish. Mike the (Aussie) bro-in-law is coming, his Spanish is awesome so once I get past 'dos cerveza por favor' he will save us.

I'm sure there is more but sleep becomes me