Saturday, January 23, 2010


Flagstaff has mostly shut down in the last few days due to the snow. Schools, shops, transport all came to a grinding fluffy halt.

Flagstaff from behind our house

The Uni is closed so Rob has had the last 2 days off and so have I . The animals at my work still need taken care of but with minimum amount of people. We don't have a car, so couldn't go anywhere even if we wanted to (haven't heard from the mechanics, assuming they are closed as well). We have enough supplies for a while, last night we did a crockpot roast and veges...nommy. As long as we don't lose power we will be fine. House with no central heating or the internet in a snow storm...brrrrr and arrggghhhhh.

The weather always had an some kind of effect on most peoples day to day life. Usually it can be ignored or adapted to without too much change in routine. Its been very interesing to see how this storm has impacted us all. Is easy to forget that nature is a mother...
I'm not getting paid for these days off as is many, many people here, but am lucky that I'm not living paycheque to paycheque and am not stressed about the rent. Its only a few days but the impact will ripple through the town.
This morning's paper reports that the roof of Bookmans (plus other stores) collapsed last night....nooooo. Now where am I going to get my shlock serial killer fix and mocha while walking my dogs? We love that place, were in there last week with Chris and the pooches.
But seriously its not good and I really hope they all have good insurance and can save the stock.

Bedroom view of the backporch, we are not getting out that way

Cabin fever has not set in yet. Rob and I are still civil but I might hide the scissors just in case plus I'm planning on kicking his butt in Axis and Allies later today.

The backyard, the fences are not very high.